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The type of an algorithm which is developed by Google is known as Google page rank..Which is mainly used to analyze the number of links on a page existing and also how much those links are important. If a page had large number of page rank then that page has also the higher authority with Google, With the help of page rank any webmaster can also able to determine the strength and health of a website. As higher or stronger the inbound links a website has the higher will be its page rank. That also Google will also make that website properly ranked. If anyone when wants to know the page rank of its website then he has to simple enter its url of their website pages, Except the home page. Each webpage has its score differ from another page of one website. For each links the PR will be different. This tool helps you to get a better plan on purchasing or advertising "used" Website. This google page rank checker is here to provide you some advancement in determining you page rank which is very much different from other websites. If anywhere the page rank is fake its displayed with red mark. By this google page rank checker before buying a website you can also determine the validity of that website which will help you in preventing from any type of fake and false deals. Its very much better to use this tool of this website as this provide you the ability to determine the false PR and true PR as both is being displayed in different colours, so get yourself prevented by wasting your money on useless tools.

This Google page rank checker

is mainly developed to determine the number of links that mainly pointed to your website or any pages of your website. The website which are providing links the importance of those could also be determine by this tool. There are many webmasters which purchase many number of links from other websites which are of very low importance and this creates a negative effect on the health and page rank of website. And as a result the website having low quality links can also be blocked by search engine and it will give more priority to those websites having high quality of links over there pages. If after check your page rank is much lower than your expectation the start using more good quality links from website having good PR and quality.