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Page authority checks the performance of a specific page on search engine. Page authority is also mainly developed by MOZ for rating a page in scale of 0 to 100. What a specific page score is mainly depends upon the data generated through various metrics as MOZ rank And MOZ trust etc. This page authority checker helps you to predict your page authority and ranking on search engine. This tool is again very easy to use with any requirement of downloading or any installation. It can be used anytime or anywhere. For this you just have to enter the url and it provides you the result. Similarly you can check your various urls using this tool randomly. This tool is also helpful in checking the links of a page.. This is only the difference between a page authority checker and a domain authority checker that this page authority checker provides you the authority check of only a single webpage while the domain authority checker provides you the authority check of a specific domain or website. Page authority checker could enhance your SEO result upto great extent. Now take a look on this interesting tool and use it once which will help you to gain a better authority rank of your webpages and also helps in improving your web page ranking on search engines.