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Website Links Count Checker

Sometimes in some case there appears a need to find the total number of internal and external links present on our websites. Its very typical to count each of them at each pages of a single website. To make this task easy we have provided a tool online which is website links count checker which can check how many links are present in total in your website including all links present on each pages of your website. For this you have to just enter the url in the box given and it will display the number of total internal and external links or outgoing links and incoming links of a specific website separately.

This tool also helps you to know about how many links are present because in SEO the number of these incoming and outgoing links also plays a very important role. In SEO the excess of outgoing links creates negative impact, Also its can be helpful in determining the quality of links.. This tool is very helpful for those website which permit users to leave comments along with their links also. For those websites this tool plays very important role in counting the number of links. This tool provides you exact number of links present in your website.  

Number of excessive outbound links may also decrease the website quality so to resolve this issue you can use this tool an determine the exact number of links present on a page and maintain the required number of  links on a particular pages also by removing excessive useless links from websites.